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Social Media Post Approvals Made Easy with Trello

If you are a Social Media Executive or an Account Executive / Manager, this one is for you.

I work as an Account Executive in a digital marketing firm and would like to share my experience with Trello.

Just like everyone, I followed the traditional way of sending Power Point Presentations every week to multiple clients for social media post approvals and it would get difficult to receive the exact feedback from the client and to get it executed from the team.

While I was working in my previous firm, I had the opportunity to work with some of the bright minds in the industry who keep themselves updated with latest news and digital updates.

Sumit, who was a Web Developer and is a great friend of mine introduced me to Trello. I visited the website and started discovering Trello and found it to be very helpful and user-friendly.

After joining this new firm, I was happy for the opportunity given to me to start working with Trello for the first time in the company.

Not just with Social media post approvals but Trello can be used for any checklist, daily task, project task, events, etc.


Trello is a platform where you, your designers, content or copy writers and the client can collaborate and work on the same page, actually board.

Below I have attached an image of Trello home page.


On this home page you can see the team members, boards, live feed and a lot more.


Step one

You can Sign Up directly as well from your email ID (preferably your company ID)

Step two

After you sign in, you can create your team. Give it your agency name for example ‘Social Groomers’

Add only your team members, such as your designers, copy-content writer and the designer, and of course your team leader and the Director of your company (only if he’s keen on been there).

Step three

After you create the team member list, you start to create boards. Create individual boards dedicated for individual brands and name each board (Brand names).

Add the dedicated members assigned to the project.

Send invitation to your clients to join the board.

Step four:

Create cards

In the above picture you can see how I maintain my board. This board was created only to show you how Trello works. You can maintain it the way you want to.

First I created a card that says 2nd week of July, along with the updated Facebook cover.

In the second card I have mentioned the Day, Date, Copy, Creative, Caption and then finally the client’s approval.

I copied the entire card thrice and only changed the dates individually.

On this board the content writers can directly fill the copy and caption card.

The Designer can then pick it up from there, use it in their creatives and later upload the creative to the creative card.

Once you fill up the week’s post bank you can ask your client to have a look at the board and provide his/her feedback on the Approval card.

Once your client has commented on each card your team will be notified automatically.

There won’t be a need to re-brief your team, but yes updating the team is a must.

Trello is very simple to use and there are many other features, such as stickers, power ups etc.

You can change the background of the board, add power ups such as Google drive, every note, etc.

You can even duplicate boards as its reuired.

Visit the website

Its free and easy to use, for upgrades you can view various plans Trello offers.

I hope my blog has helped you to understand Trello and since its FREE you start exploring.