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Non-intrusive Marketing Philosophy

Non-intrusive Marketing Philosophy is a mindset where marketers and business owners refrain from using marketing strategies that are inorganic and intrusive in nature, one that turns off consumers from positively responding to marketing advertisements.

As a consumer, we know how frustrating it gets when we are chased by salespeople who push our limit and invade our personal space so that they can convince us to buy their product and services.

Some of the Intrusive marketing I personally hate are as follows –

  • Pamphlet in newspaper and magazine – They used to go straight into my trash can, in fact I’ve completely stopped reading newspapers.
  • Cold calling – Randomly calling to sell policies, SIM cards, credit cards, donations etc. – With the option to block phone numbers, I believe cold calling activities will soon die.
  • Television Commercials – I hate interruptions when I’m watching something interesting.
  • Radio Commercials – The RJ’s are basically salespeople selling stuff on Radio.
  • Take-out menus and pamphlets at my doorstep – Total waste of money.
  • Sales guys at Railway stations, Malls, and other places selling credit cards and numerous other products and services.
  • Push Paid Marketing Strategies on Facebook and other social media channels.

These kinds of intrusive marketing spoil the reputation of your brand and make it difficult for you to reach out to them again.

Consumer Resistance

The length to which a consumer in today’s generation is willing to go to block you out is called Consumer Resistance, and you better be ready to face the heat when the lights go off on all your paid strategies.

Marketers and business owners need to think of long-term relationships with their target audience as well as with their existing ones.

Tap into your own emotions and conscience, and build strategies that you personally prefer.

Develop your own version of Non-intrusive Marketing Philosophy based on your business goals and your consumer likes, dislikes and behaviours.