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Looking into details for Real Insights


All great men have special qualities that make them stand out from the rest of the world. One such quality is their ability to look into the details of their life, work and surroundings which most of us often ignore.

According to me, if there is one quality every marketer needs to learn and develop to succeed in their endeavor then it is “Looking into the details”

Leonardo Da Vinci was one such genius – We often look at his work and wonder at his creativity and uniqueness.

Did you know that he created a whole new style of painting by engaging in an obsessive study of details?

He spent endless hours experimenting with forms of light hitting various geometrical objects, to test how light could alter the appearance of those objects.

He devoted hundreds of pages in his notebooks exploring the various gradation of shadows in every possible combination.

He gave the same attention to the folds of a gown, hair patterns and the various minute details in the expression of a human face.

When we look back at his work we fail to see the efforts he put in to achieve excellence, but we do feel alive and realistic when we look at his paintings, as if he had captured reality.

Paradigms vs Anomalies

The biggest failure of marketers today, one that prevents us from looking into the details is our fixation to the already existing Paradigms – the already defined ideas, existing tools and methods.

So much so that we fail to observe the Anomalies – a deviation from what is standard, normal, or expected.

We often look for patterns in our marketing initiatives that confirm the paradigms we already believe in. The things that do not fit into our paradigm, the anomalies, tend to be ignored or put aside.

But the truth is, anomalies themselves contain the richest information. They reveal the flaws in our paradigm and open up new ways of looking at the same problem.

If we want to succeed as marketers we have to turn into detectives, deliberately trying to uncover the anomalies that most marketers tend to disregard by intently looking into the details of each piece of data that lands on our desk.