05 Dec 2017

Launching My Digital Marketing Video Blog

by Saju Joseph

So happy to be able to start a video blog on Digital Marketing

Its been quite some time that I’ve been thinking of starting a Digital Marketing video blog. The problem was I couldn’t think of what I want to share and what I want to present.

Every time I came with an idea or a thought I would end up thinking about the already existing content on Digital Marketing. There is so much out there and there are so many who are talking about Digital Marketing.

I wanted to be unique and stand out from all the others but I guess its taken a lot of time thinking about it. So, I’ve decided to anyways put up my first video and instead of racking my brains I thought let me ask you what is it that you want me to talk about.

This video is just an introduction to myself, the work that I’ve done so far, and my current activities in the Digital marketing field.

Hope this journey makes me happy and help you learn more about this industry. Look forward hearing from you.

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