23 Nov 2017

Finding the Right Digital Marketing Trainer in India

by Saju Joseph

This article will help those who are looking to hire a Digital Marketing Trainer for your company and even for those who wish to find the right Digital Marketing Trainer to teach them the trade.

It is always a plus when you find the right Digital Marketing Trainer who has the right amount of experience across various industries and can communicate well enough to be able to convince you that Digital Marketing is the way ahead.

In recent times, there are many who are now aspiring to learn Digital marketing and find jobs in this sector all over India. The trend is growing at an increasing speed, not just in the city of Mumbai where I belong but all across India.

In this article, I want to highlight the qualification and expertise you should search for before hiring or learning from a Digital Marketing Trainer in India.

1. Should have hands-on experience

Becoming a trainer in this generation is not that hard. If you have the knowledge and can communicate well, anybody can become a trainer or a coach.

There are many who can claim to have the Digital Marketing Knowledge but you should weigh him/her by the hands-on experience he/she has acquired working in multiple industries.

The reason I say that is because Digital marketing strategies vary from industry to industry. A strategy that works for a beauty industry may not work for a clothing industry. It also varies between audiences and demographics.

A trainer who does not have a hands-on experience will always give you a general perspective of Digital Marketing but will never be able to take you through the various applications across industries.

2. Should be updated with latest trends

Digital marketing trends change every month, what worked 10 years ago is no more applicable today. In fact, some of the older digital marketing strategies are even blacklisted.

In my last 13 years of experience, I have seen the trends change, search strategies have changed, user behavior has changed, digital platforms have changed.

It is an evolving industry and therefore the digital marketing trainer should be someone who is closely watching the trends and studying the behavior and effects.

The best way to do that is to simultaneously work on digital marketing assignments and build a strong portfolio that captures your expertise in the industry.

Find a Digital Marketing Trainer who can show his work and allow his work to speak louder than words.

3. Should be passionate about digital marketing

Passion is extremely important no matter what you do in life. When you are passionate about something then you end up giving your 100%. Isn’t that generally true for each person in any aspect of life?

A Digital marketing trainer who is passionate about his trade and loves to share his knowledge will give his best at all times.

We are done with lousy teachers and lectures in our schools and colleges who saw their teaching job as a task to complete. No passion, no drive.

In the real world where we need genuine guidance and support to make an earning in order to build a strong career and fulfill our dreams, we need teachers who are passionate, so we can rub on to some of his/her passion and make something of our lives.

Find a Digital Marketing trainer that displays passion in his voice and body language.

4. Should be able to communicate well

If you want to be trained in any professional course, you’d realize that gaining knowledge is one thing but gaining it in a way that is easy to grasp and apply that knowledge in a practical sense is a lot more effective. Here’s where a trainer’s communication skills come into play.

A hands-on experience with public speaking and the ability to understand the audience’s vibes is an added advantage for a trainer.

If the trainer is unable to engage with you while training then you might get a bit lost by the end of his sessions.

Find a Digital Marketing trainer who can communicate well and help you focus on the subject for a longer period of time.

I hope these tips will help you find the right trainer who can teach you Digital Marketing anywhere in India.

Do feel free to ask me any queries you may have with regards to this subject through the contact form on the website. I will be happy to respond.

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