23 Oct 2017

Job Description of a Digital Marketing Strategist

by Saju Joseph

This article will give a proper perspective for companies looking for a Digital Marketing Strategist and for professionals who’d like to explore and work in this industry.

These days everyone around seems to be talking about Digital Marketing, wonder whether it is only me who comes across this subject often since I’m in the same industry.

Anyways, I’m glad that I get to be part of it in some way or the other.

When I started this website, I was thinking of what I should call myself and was looking for a term that would describe the work that I do. I chose “Digital Marketing Strategist” instead of “Digital Marketing Consultant” because it fits my job role the best.


Strategist means “a person skilled in planning action, ” and that’s what I do.

I’m not too keen on being put on the same platform along with the other self-proclaimed Digital Marketing Experts who know very little about the industry but make big claims.

Instead, I like to work with clients who give me a free hand to experiment and discover the best digital marketing strategy that works for them in the long run.

On this website, I continue to share and communicate my experiences.

Here, I want to describe the role and responsibility of a “Digital Marketing Strategist” in helping companies achieve their marketing goals.

It could give a proper perspective for companies looking for a Digital Marketing Strategist and for professionals who’d like to explore and work in this industry.

Main Goal

The primary role of a “Digital Marketing Strategist” is to help businesses leap from a traditional marketing mindset to a digital marketing approach by figuring out how to use the internet and achieve their growth objectives.

A Digital Marketing Strategist starts by first auditing the digital assets of the business he’d be working with, monitors the competitors (their offerings and digital marketing activities), understands the company from a sales point of view (discussing opportunities and challenges) and gets a better understanding of the target audience.

The above activities will then help him create a roadmap with all the relevant digital channels which includes website architecture, the content, search engines, social media, apps, media, blog, etc., resulting in one actionable strategic plan.

Eventually, a Digital Marketing Strategist helps cross-functional teams within the company to develop, evolve and create ideas that bring together brand goals, retailer objectives, and customer needs.

Roles and Responsibilities

That was the overall goal of a Digital Marketing Strategist. Now, let me break it down into small pieces for a better understanding.

Here it is …

  • He performs research to understand the business in depth and create a report that satisfies the management and their goals.
  • He de-constructs the best practices of the competitors across multiple markets in the digital space and creates benchmarks.
  • He works closely with various departments within the company to better understand the opportunities and the challenges.
  • He audits all the available digital assets within the company and weighs the effectiveness of each of those assets.
  • He helps the company identify digital technology that will enhance their overall business performance.
  • He defines the detailing of the website architecture and the content to achieve the desired results.
  • He designs a Digital Marketing plan with all the information he has gathered from his research of the business and its competitors.
  • He combines both organic and paid activities to increase traffic, get good ROI (Return on Investment) and improve conversion rates.
  • He implements the entire strategic plan into actionable campaigns along with the help and support of other connected departments.
  • He analyses the effectiveness of the campaigns from the gathered data, creates reports and integrates them into future strategies.
  • He provides support to the lead marketing team with research, reports, and analysis to maximize conversions.
  • He provides input on brand and product awareness, sales and customer retentions from a digital point of view.
  • He develops an on-going management of the Digital Brand Strategies given the changing nature of the Market.


  • He should at least have three years of experience in the industry.
  • He should have exposure working with national as well as international clients.
  • He should have a good understanding of Marketing principles such as target segmentation, value proposition, positioning,
  • He should be proficient with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing.
  • He should be aware of the digital marketing tools and resources available in the market.
  • He should have at least a basic knowledge of website designing and development, URL architecture, programmatic advertising, e-commerce and email marketing.
  • He should be fluent in English language and persuasive writing skills.
  • He should have excellent presentation skills to present his ideas and thoughts to the management.

Finally, he should bring success to the overall business from all digital avenues.

I hope I’ve given you enough information to help you find the right Digital Marketing Strategist for your business. And for those who wish to take up this role, I believe this article has given you a better perspective of how you can perform more specifically and efficiently.