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4 Ways to Build Remarkable Products that won’t require a Huge Marketing Budget

To make your organic marketing strategies work effectively, you have to build Remarkable products.

If you’re starting with a Remarkable product in mind and an exceptionally great service, one that caters to the needs of your target audience, then applying Organic, non-intrusive marketing strategies will work wonders.

All you need then is to be diligent and persuasive with your marketing communication strategy.

I’m a strong believer of organic marketing, and its ability to propagate any business healthily, but unless the product and service you’re selling are excellent, these strategies will frustrate you with no results.

Therefore, it is important for an Entrepreneur first to spend most of their time researching and developing a Remarkable product much before thinking about marketing strategies.

Building a product is hard, but building a Remarkable product is even harder.

Here are a couple of ways you can start thinking whether your product is remarkable or not.

1. Remarkable products solve real problems

Before even building a Remarkable product, what you need to do is to use all your skill, intelligence, dedication & discipline first to define the problem you want to solve.

People don’t want to buy an umbrella; they want to protect themselves from the rain.

If you focus on the problem, you will come across many solutions. Like in the example above, it is not only an umbrella that can help protect against rain, but there could be many other ways you can solve the problem even more efficiently.

All successful businesses, whether in the IT sector, financial sector, beauty industry etc. all firstly focus on the problem and then build products that solve the problem.

You need to ask yourself “What do you want to achieve by building this product?”

Here’s what you should do:

  • Talk to your audience & understand the problem
  • Define the problem
  • Write down how your product will solve the problem

2. Remarkable products bring change

Our mundane day-to-day activities, whether travelling, paying our bills, getting our computer fixed, buying groceries etc. are already making our life in-efficient and dreary.

All we need is a change that will make our daily mundane tasks easier and allow us more time to invest in productive activities.

If we build Remarkable products that bring positive change in people’s life by making their life more efficient, they will buy it, use it and even share it with others.

Here’s what you need to do next:

  • Define the change you want to bring
  • Decide how you want to achieve this change using your product

3. Remarkable products produce results

You may have defined the problem accurately, and you’re also aware of the change you want to bring. But if your final product fails to deliver the desired results, then you are still not good.

Deciding what product you want to build is the first step but building a product that accurately and efficiently delivers remarkable results should also be the prime focus of your business strategy.

It becomes all the more important if you are building a product that already exists in the market. You have to think of ways in which your product will perform and deliver even better than the existing ones in the market.

Remember, a consumer would always go for the next best thing in the market and therefore positioning yourself with a Remarkable product that produces great results will prove to be a win-win for both you and your customer.

Here’s how you get to build a product that produces results:

  • Test your product on real customers
  • Compare it against similar products in the market
  • Fix all the bugs and defects and do not start until you have the perfect product in hand

4. Remarkable products make life easy

There is already a lot of confusion and stress around us in getting things done faster and in an easier way. And in today’s consumeristic world, time is the most valuable asset to every human being.

If your product isn’t easy to use or maybe takes up a lot of time to install, even to understanding the functionality, then it will be another added stress to the already existing ones.

Your product could be great but if it makes life even harder then no one’s going to buy it.

To make your product easy to use, invest good enough time in testing. Organise free demos, observe and analyse how consumers use them and how comfortable they feel using them.

Here’s how to learn whether your product is easy to use:

  • Conduct a usability test and take feedback from your users.
  • Calculate the time it takes for a new consumer to unpack your product, install, understand the functionality and finally use it.


Once you have a Remarkable product, you’ve already set the ball rolling. You will notice even the simplest Organic and Non-intrusive marketing strategies and activities will start yielding surprising results.