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Excited for AI-Driven Business Transformation

I’m currently training to become a Certified AI (Artificial Intelligence) Business Leader from The University of Texas Austin & Great Lakes.

And as I’ve been going through the training modules, videos, reading articles & research papers, I’m excited about the endless possibilities of an AI-Driven Business Transformation that can revolutionize the way we sell products, services, and promote causes, all for the betterment of making a better living. 

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

AI is transformational analytical systems that behave intelligently on its own without being explicitly programmed, having a mind of its own.

When applied to the business world, it is computational abilities that help make smart decisions based on data accumulated through learnings from various sources in real-time and otherwise.

Applying AI to the business world

Successful businesses evolve, grow and flourish with smart decisions made consistently. Generally, these decisions are taken by the top business leaders based on experience, exposure and intuition of the leader.

More significant the exposure, vaster the experience, stronger the intuitions, better are these decisions. And this is important; I genuinely believe in human capacities and creative instincts that can at times surpass technological advancements.

But the fact is that human experiences and intuitions have limitations, primarily because it’s tied to one or more superhumans who are passionately driven to take the company ahead (the Founder & CEO’s).

But once these leaders are gone, there is the risk of losing the battle when inexperienced and less passionate leaders take over.

As much as it is right about larger organizations, it is also true about small, medium and family-owned businesses. This is where AI can fill the gap and put the companies on an ever-growing growth trajectory if implemented correctly.

Imagine if we can build an AI system, feed it with data from past experiences, build machine learning capabilities and give implementation authority, just like a smart CEO. The system will then become well informed, well trained, can remember everything, can pull out information in seconds, throw multiple best options to consider, making smart decisions on its own.

That’s what I’m talking about, as we look into the future. And that’s what I’m excited about AI-driven Business Transformation.