10 Oct 2017

Why moving from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing makes more Sense

by Saju Joseph

In this article, I want to share some benefits of Digital marketing that I believe is essential for every business in today’s generation.

It is surprising to know that even today some businesses rely on traditional marketing methods to acquire clients and customers and maybe the reason is that the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing has not been highlighted enough.

If you delay in making the shift then sooner or later you will see a downward spiral in your business because the trends are rapidly changing and therefore the buyer’s habits and methods of purchasing in effect is also changing.

The users have become more interactive and traditional marketing offers very little interaction between businesses and customers.

Moreover, print and television have also become way too expensive, and most importantly these conventional marketing outcomes are hard to measure.

Here is my list of benefits that Digital Marketing can offer.

Broad Targeting

If traditional marketing limits your reach to one particular local audience, then digital marketing allows you to spread your wings and reach audiences across the globe.

Your campaigns can be tailored further to reach a specific set of audience based on gender, age, and interest.

Broad Mediums

If traditional marketing limits you to use only one type of marketing medium, then digital marketing offers a wide variety of mediums that you can test on your potential audience.

People absorb information in a variety of ways. Some like to read, few prefer to watch, and others enjoy listening. So why limit ourselves only to reach out to one particular kind of audience.

Broad Interaction

If traditional marketing limits your customers to contact you only via phone call, then digital marketing offers a variety of ways and channels through which a customer can get in touch with you.

Whether through an online form or social media channels, there are innumerable ways in which you can make contact with the target audience, engage them in a conversation, win their trust and then pitch for business.

Broad Analysis

If traditional marketing limits you to analyze your selling only by the number of calls you receive then digital marketing gives you an in-depth detail of every customer and their behavior.

You can track your audience on the website, on your social media and others content delivery sites.

Through retargeting, you can even contact the same audience who showed interest in your business by visiting your website some time back but didn’t make a purchase or fill the contact form.

Broad Learning

Digital marketing can also allow you to understand your product and services better from the client’s perspective.

You can do that through surveys, feedback, comments, etc. The better you know how your audiences perceive your brand and like to interact with your business the more learning it will give you to offer quality products and services.

Broad Publicity

If traditional marketing limits your audience to share about your business only through word of mouth, then digital marketing allows them to share via many other options like emails, social media shares, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

The more people talk about you and your business the more publicity you gain.

These benefits are super important stuff when it comes to marketing yourself and your business, and I believe you’re convinced and would take a chance at moving from traditional to digital marketing.

If you’re still unsure whether digital marketing can help you in your particular business then you can drop me an email at mail@digitalsaju.in I’ll look into your business and help you understand it better by applying it to your business model.

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