08 Feb 2017

Social Media Tips for Indian Celebrities

There are a lot of interesting things an Indian celebrity can do online to get visibility. In this article I am listing out a few important ones for you to consider.

Social Media Tips Indian Celebrities
“Create your own online reputation and social presence”

There could be two reasons why the majority of them are not seen on social media, either they really don’t want any attention from the digital world – fair enough – no big deal or maybe they really are unaware of the why, what and how of the digital connections through social media.

In the last quarter or so, I’ve been following the social media trends on some of the Indian celebrities and what I noticed is that some are quite active doing well on their social media accounts but the majority of them doesn’t seem to be visible enough.

I’m here for the second bunch who really would be interested to learn more and find the right way of doing it.

So if you are a celebrity or even someone who dreams to become a celebrity someday, this article will lay down some interesting time proven tips that can definitely help you draw more attention from your fans out there.

Build a Brand

I believe just like any other brand, as a celebrity you need to create your own online reputation and social presence in order to connect with your current and potential audience. At the end of the day you are marketing yourself which in your case is the stuff that you do whether it is movies, shows, events or promoting brands.

In today’s generation social media allows everyone to become a celebrity and have a fan following if you have the right content to grab people’s attention. As a celebrity it gives you even more reasons to think creatively and intuitively.

The first step in building a social media brand is to define your brand – What do you want people to perceive about you? If you are an actor your brand identity could be either a fun-loving, cheerful, charismatic actor like Ranveer Singh or a thoughtful, detail oriented, observant actor like Aamir Khan. Similarly, people from other industries can think of different set of identities they want to project for themselves.

My advice to you is to firstly start defining you as a brand and then move on to the next step which is

– To create your online PRESENCE
– To share the right CONTENT
– To interact with a PURPOSE

Identity your Audience

In the business world, it is super important for a brand to identify its audience. The reason being once you know your target audience you know how to talk to them, interact and sell.

As a celebrity it’s equally important for you to identify your audience. Here are some things you need to consider while shortlisting your target audience.

– Identify their age group
– Learn about their taste & interest
– Research about the places they hang out
– Get to know their lifestyle & habits
– Find out their likes & dislikes

“Most celebrities with massive social media followers gained those by having their own unique content”

Knowing your audience in this manner will help you to communicate and connect effectively.

Eg. If your target audience are youngsters then you talk to them like a youngster, share thoughts and quotes they like to read, talk about the places they hang out, avoid commenting on things they dislike and so on.

Maintain a Social Voice

When it comes to social media, the content needs to be fresh and exciting. If you’ve seen the trends, most celebrities with massive social media followers gained those by having their own unique content on specific media channels.

There are a number of things you can share and talk which can intrigue your audience to read more from you and come back again, these are just some of the things I can remember at the top of my head.

– Post unexpected tweets
– Give them a glimpse into personal space
– Post attractive content
– Post behind the scenes at major events
– Post almost every day
– Sticking to a narrative

Engage your people

In the early days fans would only be able to connect with their heroes on TV & Radio which again was a one-way interaction. But now with the advent of Twitter and Facebook, fans can now interact with their favourite celebrity.

Even celebrities can now interact with their fans and engage them in a meaningful conversation that helps in the brand building process. I’ve seen Virat Kohli doing a great job in interacting with his fans.

Let me share a list of activities you can do to engage your fans

– Engage using lots of image content
– Engage using video content
– Schedule your post during prime time, ideally when your target audience is active on social media sites
– Ask questions
– Connect with a social cause
– Post about current news and events related to your profession


These are quite simple things to do but when done consistently and thoughtfully you will definitely reap long-term benefits. For any other questions or queries you can contact me anytime.