18 Jul 2017

Top 5 Unavoidable Online Apps for Marketers

by Sharon Ferrao

In today’s digital age the role of a marketer has evolved drastically. It is crucial to be on-board at all times. These online apps will keep you on top of the game if used effectively.

As Marketers, constantly being on your foot, keeping a track of your audiences demand, navigating and creating new strategies and campaigns and ultimately, delivering explicitly well.

But thanks to modern technology it is much easier to be a good digital marketer on the go. We now have convenient tools to make our jobs faster and easier. While you may need your laptops and desktops for major tasks, good mobile applications can take care of small details as a result saving but good time.

Check out these five apps that put productivity on your figure tips:


A delight for all organized people! Just as the name suggest Evernote is your digital note-taker. Right from saving notes and to-do lists to setting reminders for task, Evernote does it all. In addition, you can also share spreadsheets, images and docs. Besides, it can pull out text and context from inside the image.

URL – https://evernote.com/


If you are a content strategist, Flipboard will act as your inspiration creating wonders to work. It is your personal magazine where you can find content catering to your interest hassle-free. It can be used to gather ideas from around the web, connect with other bloggers and content-creators, and to get updated with current trends both internationally and locally.

URL – https://flipboard.com/


This is a must-have for every social media marketer. It is designed to help you handle multiple social media accounts, analyze traffic, track brand mentions, schedule posts, messages and tweets– all from one interface. There’s no need to individually open Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter anymore. This app is definitely a massive time and energy saver.

URL – https://hootsuite.com/


It is a go-to resource for creating images for social media and business presentations. Its key features – has a variety of fonts, layouts and images to create content for all your social media handles. All you need to do is tap on templates, and drag elements into place to create a cool image to share. It’s easy to use and brings to a close the pain of creating things from scratch.

URL – https://www.canva.com/

Dashboard for Google Analytics

Keep a track of your traffic stats and campaign results from your Smartphone all at one glance. Simply connect it to your Google analytics account and this app shows an easy-to-understand display of your analytics, all on one dashboard. It is a convenient way to verify the success of your social media campaigns.

URL – https://www.google.co.in/analytics

These are my top favorite apps and I’m sure there are several apps out there that digital marketers find useful. Which apps do you find useful? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author

Sharon Ferrao is a Lifestyle blogger and a Digital Marketing Enthusiast. She’s a graduate in Mass Media & Advertisement, loves travelling, reading & eating.