09 Dec 2016

Time-tested Digital Marketing Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Every young entrepreneur understands the importance of digital marketing. In this article I’m sharing time-tested digital marketing tips for young entrepreneurs.

Digital Marketing Tips

I believe every young entrepreneur understands the importance of digital marketing to promote their brand in the marketplace. It is not only the large enterprises that are looking into the digital space for branding and lead generation but even small players have equal opportunity to make a mark if done diligently.

In fact young entrepreneurs are more tech savvy, competitive and opportunist then the older generation who are yet to fully understand the opportunities the digital space can offer.

Digital marketing includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Reputation Management etc. Finding the right mix for your digital marketing efforts will be the key factor that will determine the success of your brand.

In this article I want to share some basic digital marketing tips to help young entrepreneurs to make wise marketing decisions to build their brand.

Start on a good Hygiene

What I mean by good hygiene is the conditions and practices conducive to managing and maintaining a good health of your digital marketing efforts.

I believe it starts with the choice of platform where you will host your website, I would highly recommend you to host your website on a cloud platform like an Amazon AWS. I strongly believe that cloud computing is the future and better to be there before everyone else gets there. Soon I will post another article on Digital marketing benefits of Cloud computing where I will share more details.

A good hygiene also includes your website, because eventually your website is the place where you want all your clients and customers to come and give you business. No matter how aggressively you promote your brands on paid channels or social media and anywhere else, unless your landing page which is your brand website is not in a good shape to cater to your end user all your effort and money is a waste.

Build a website that has ‘easy to navigate’ layout both on desktop and mobile, and because more then 50% of your audience will open it on their mobile phones I suggest that you first build the mobile version and then adapt it to desktop.

The best way to test whether your website layout is easy to navigate is to do a thorough usability test. Before going live open the website to a select group of people who resemble your target audience and take feedback from them.

A good hygiene also includes your visuals. Choose your colors and fonts wisely, use a standard set across all platforms. Hire a good design agency to help you with the visuals because they are important especially when it comes to digital marketing.

Experiment and Innovate all the time

Like a said before, finding the right mix of digital marketing activities will be your key to success. The truth is that nobody can tell you at the start what marketing mix will work for your brand. You will have to figure that out by experimenting and innovating all the time.

As you experiment and innovate you will eventually arrive at the best combination of digital marketing techniques that work for you. Like for example, the kind of content your people like to read, the best day and time to post updates on social media platforms, the kind of offers and promotions that work wonders, the geographic locations that needs to be targeted, the demographics you need to concentrate, etc etc..

Content, content & content

Wish I could shout that out loud in your ear, because remember Digital marketing is all about quality content. When I say ‘content’ it is not only the written form that I am talking about but content in the form of visuals, info-graphics, videos, podcasts etc.

There are a hundred things you can do digitally to promote your brand but if your content is old, shabby and boring trust me nobody will ever respond to it.

To produce quality content you have to put in a lot of effort and hard work, your brain has to keep ticking all the time, you have to think deeply about your brand, research deeply about your target audience, read relevant books, hire the right kind of people to work on your content.

Last but not the least, stay diligent and don’t give up just because you don’t see the desired results coming in quickly. The truth is it takes time. And unless you stay self-motivated and strong-hearted you are bound to fail.

And lastly wish you all the best and do stay in touch in case you have any questions to ask or help you need.

Do let me know how this article has helped you. Love to hear from you.