29 Dec 2016

A Rising Need for Digital Marketing Professionals

Because of the latest trends and digital developments organisation realize the need for people with digital marketing expertise. Here’s how you acquire them.

Digital Marketing Professional

Almost every organisation nowadays is looking at digital platforms to promote their services & products and the ones that are not yet online will also join the bad wagon soon.

Organisations are realizing that almost all their potential clients and customers are digitally active and browsing and searching the internet every single day and to reach out to them they need to be live and active on all these platforms.

For companies to look into digital space they obviously need people with the right skills and expertise. Even among professionals already working in marketing departments need to update themselves and learn the nuances of digital marketing.

I have friends and strangers often ask me if there are good digital marketing courses out there that can help them learn the skills.

“The best way to stay updated on the latest digital marketing trends is to read as much as possible”

In recent days I’ve seen advertisements of many institutes that teach digital marketing course but to be honest I’m not sure how good they are. In fact, I learnt them all by myself, working on live projects, testing the results and taking risks at times.

So in this article I’m going to share how you can teach yourself this profession without enrolling to any institutes or classes, I will also share best practices that will help you in this journey.

Free Online Course

To start with, I suggest that you undertake a systematic digital marketing course online. A systematic approach will take you through the foundations of digital marketing and build a strong base upon which you can add your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Choose a course that covers the following topics:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
3. Social Media Marketing (SMO)
4. Web Analytics
5. Email Marketing
6. Mobile Marketing
7. Content Marketing

Here are links to some free online courses available on the internet

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge
PPC University
Social Media Quickstarter
Diploma in E-Business
Inbound Marketing Course

Stay updated with Digital Marketing Trends

The best way to stay updated on the latest digital marketing trends is to read as much as possible. I spend almost half a day browsing through articles and updates on the internet which helps me keep myself updated with all the latest trends in different industries.

Follow the Champs

Another way to learn more digital marketing stuff is to follow famous digital marketing experts on twitter, facebook or any other platform you can find them.

If you take a look at my twitter ‘followings’ at @digitalsaju you will see the list of best people in the digital marketing field, you can simply follow them and read the stuff they post on their timeline.

Here are some of my favourites:

Jeff Bullas
John Shahidi
Avinash Kaushik
Danny Sullivan

Attend Conferences

There are a number of conferences hosted these days where they invite experts to come and speak. In fact, I’m speaking at a Digital Marketing Conference in Pune few months from now where participants come from all over India will attend.

You can find the details of the conference here – http://punedigitalmarketers.com/

Keep a track of these kind of events and make sure you attend them to gain insights from the industry.

And finally, test everything you learn by doing small projects either for yourself or for your friends or clients. Working on live projects will give more confidence.

Also remember digital marketing is quite a dynamic field and there is no set rules to the game. What works from one industry may not work for another, you learn them as and when you work for them.

Do let me know if this article has helped you and feel free to ask questions if any.