Digital Marketing Consulting

Mumbai, India

I can help you acquire more customers through

Digital Marketing.

After having spent 13 years in the digital marketing industry, there are a number of ways in which I can help you build a strong online presence and acquire more customers from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Emails.

I can help design a dedicated digital growth strategy for your business, helping you take a leap from a traditional marketing setup to a digital marketing approach by figuring out how to use the internet and achieve your growth objectives.

Digital Marketing Methods

From auditing your digital assets, monitoring your competitors (their offerings and digital marketing activities), understanding the company from a sales point of view (discussing opportunities and challenges) and getting a better understanding of your target audience.

I will create a roadmap with all the relevant digital channels which includes website architecture, the content, search engines, social media, apps, media, blog, etc., resulting in one actionable strategic plan.

Eventually, help cross-functional teams within the company to develop, evolve and create ideas that bring together brand goals, retailer objectives, and customer needs.

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