20 May 2017

4 Simple and Effective Rules of Digital Engagement

by Saju Joseph

Here are my 4 Simple Rules of Digital Engagement that I believe have been helpful with my clients, the ones that have yielded positive results.

Digital Marketing Engagement
“Digital Engagement is anything and everything that involves an online conversation”

In our last post i.e “Digital Marketing Success through Engagement” we discussed the importance of creating and sharing Engaging content to keep our target audience hooked on to us.

Just like in the military, where soldiers are taught the rules of engagement on how to define circumstances, conditions, degree, and manner in which they use force or actions. Even Digital Engagement strategies need a set of rules that are aimed for success – Let’s call them “The Rules of Digital Engagement“.

Digital Engagement is anything and everything that involves an online conversation like blogging, usage of social media platforms, interacting with stakeholders and customers on the net, usage of forums, giving people feedback, leaving comments or vote/rate using digital tools.

Rule #1 – Create content that CONNECT the audience to your brand

There is of-course much to share and communicate but it is advisable to keep it limited, simple and most importantly within the scope of our brand and what it represents. An engaging content should eventually connect the audience to the brand and nothing else.

Every piece of content needs to be focused to make much of your brand. You do that by mentioning your brand name in your communication, inserting your brand logo in banners, ads etc.

Rule #2 – Create content that are RELEVANT and helpful

A LinkedIn survey reveals that the No. 1 thing that makes any content effective is relevance. It has to be relevant and it has to be helpful information to your users.

To make a piece of content relevant you have to know your target audience well, who are you speaking to, to whom is your specific content written for. Identify your audience and address their need. Do a thorough research and follow the conversations across the net that are related to your brand and make your content relatable with real life examples that will help drive your point across.

Rule #3 – Create content that demand ACTION

Your content should be intended to trigger specific actions in the readers. Content without a call to action can get lost in the crowd without getting the desired attention. The fact that people are reading your content means nothing unless they take an action that will benefit your efforts.

An effective Call To Action (CTA) should be an essential part of any piece of content not necessarily it has be sales driven CTA. Your content should have a goal it wants users to complete. It could be filling in a contact form, signup for a newsletter, volunteering their time or share that piece of content with friends and on their social networks.

A CTA also gives a way to measure the success of your content and gives direction to your users.

Consider the following while creating a CTA
– Focus on the value it provides
– Think strategically on how to place your CTA
– Make your CTA stand out from all the other piece of content
– Always measure the performance of your CTA

Rule #4 – Create content that build TRUST

My next statement may surprise you but yes it is true. What I also learned is that engagement alone isn’t going to work and move your brand to where you want to see it.

Engagement shouldn’t be the goal. Winning your audience’s trust through your engaging content should be the end goal.

“Trust is the secret ingredient of content marketing” – Mahesh Swamy, Hungama Digital Services

It is with the element of Trust by which your target audience and customers will eventually view your brand, the people who represent the brand, what you stand for and how you make them feel.

You cant simply build trust by just writing great engaging content and fail to sell viable products and create a successful business model that serves your customers need. It requires you to think deep about each and every element of your business, it may require you to make major shifts in the way you conducted business and even built your products.

Its worth making any adjustments that will help win your audiences’s trust and therefore don’t hesitate to make those difficult choices.

Finally, as I conclude, I believe these 4 simple rules have given you a good perspective on how to create engaging content for all your marketing initiatives.

In the next couple of posts I will share more insights on the same topic so keep in touch and do share this article.